Lure of the Expanse

The Ledger
Session 5 Plotting and Pranking

The later half of day two started off with a call from Admistruim master Gorn Rogger over the damage to the Docking arm. He was only claimed after an arrangement to pay a fine of a staging sum. Not an Hour later did armed and void suited arms men attack the ship in hopes of heavily damaging the craft only to be fought of by heroic efforts of the crew. This left with with dozens of captured boarders and once more a very angry Admistruim master Gorn Rogger. He demanded the ship leave port at once but 11 manged to talk him down to simply repairing the small damage the dock took. They also plan to turn over the captured boarders to be serfs for the Admistruim.

That taken care of Buzz,Lilith and 11 go off to meet Gerritt, but leave a heavily self medicated Stubbs to his own devices. So while they meet and tried to arrange the death of ward, stubbs slummed in the lowerest scum bars acquiring lackys, drunken lackies at that. As Gerrit, no to happy to be meeting with an ork hammered out a deal to help pay for the Black brotherhoods hit on ward, Stubb’s wig wearing lackies crashed the Hall. As that turned into a brawl with buzz and 11 joining in the fray Lilith kept working on Gerrit,

In the end an agreement was meet in that 11 would help the Black brotherhood take out ward while at the same time Yorke forces most likely lead by Buzz or Lilith with 200 arm men from gerrit would try and over take the Chains of dusk. The Agreement would leave Gerrit owning all non slave cargo, his pick of the crew of the chains of dusk and a “Favor” at a later date in exchange the Yorke dynasty would take ownership of the Chains of Dusk, any slaves and all remaining crew.

With everything set for the marrow the trio fell into one last of a drunken Void masters pranks was was followed though several level by a off key and drunk bagpipe band, that only fled at threats of bloodshed and the fact Buzz was a real ork. The group was meet at the dock by a very drunk voidmaster and his new lackies Marty, Q, Jon, Jacob, and stevens, who mostly fled at the sight of Buzz and 11. Stubbs goal of hitting on Lilith fell though when she went to her suite leaving him to brood and sober up as the third day fast approached.

The Ledger
Session briefing

Session 4:
The next day, Buzz had the crew look up some information on some names that got dropped at the party as max kept himself entertained elsewhere. The crew Dug up some information on three rogue traders, or two Rogue traders and a Dynasty agent as the case may be, he also found out information about the big boss of the Black brotherhood, a band of nasty killers who will work for anyone with enough thrones.

Seeing as how Rogue traders would not likely meet them without max, they in steed arranged a meeting for that evening with Abel Gerrit Representative of the Arcadius dynasty. Having time they also made arrangements to meet Calcus Calinnicus. So as Stubbs and Lilith waited for the first report from the Necro gangs Buzz and 11 set out to meet Calcus Calinnicus.

Meeting Calcus Calinnicus at a over crowded den of crime near the lieges court Buzz and 11 proceeded to talk shop, agree to pay Calcus Calinnicus to not accept jobs on them. while this was going on Lilith and stubbes received information that Ward had paid to bump off four RT’s Max, Gerrit, Fel and Armelan.

So while Buzz and 11, unsuccessfully tried to get Calcus Calinnicus to track or attack the Eldar following them they are informed of this new development. Lilith sneaks out to go what the Chains of dusk. She finds what they are unloading thousands of cold sleep chambers, with as many as two or three thousand upon the dock and hundreds of caged slaves. she Vox’;s 11 who sends his servo skull to record. she also tries to get a closer look, keeping the skull away and recording.

Meanwhile Buzz and 11 hammer out a deal to have the Black brother hood kill ward and his retainers, if they can come up with a very large payment. In closing the deal Calcus Calinnicus lets sleep that he knows of this auction.So in exchange for 11 upgrading his weapons he tells them all he knows. That the next evening an auction will be held, a grand auction with only the top eight bids being excepted. those that win will be allowed to watch the foretelling of the seven witches. None know what they will say but vast fortunes can be won or lost upon the words the witches spin.

elsewhere Lilith in an attempt to infiltrate the slave ship is captured and knocked out, soon to be added to the ships collections, but Stubbes, who after being shot in the face was enjoying the ships fine alcohol stores and took a little flight in the Lord captains lander. Feeling no pain, he was unable to raise Lilith upon the vox, but did get a comment from her captures that he could buy their slave back..when they got done. Thundering over head with guns hot and the fury of the God_Emperor or booze fueling his rage Mr. Stubbs demanded they give her back or the whole dock would be ventilated by the God- Emperor wrath and autocannon shells.

Seeing things his way, they returned Lilith by dragging her to an airlock, Stubbs then reclaimed her and just for good measure, unleashed half his stores of Autocannon shell into the dock, venting most of it into space and killing a hundred or more of the Chains of duck’s crew and an unknown number of slaves. This action was later called ’Rigorous scouting"

Buzz and 11 returned to the ship to find the defense on high and an uneasy feeling across the docks. Buzz also decided Stubbs had earned an orky medal.

The Ledger
Session briefing.

Session three:
As Maximilian enjoyed his time with his nimble and eager to please Mutant slave girl, Buzz,11,Stubbes and Lilith took it upon themselves to track down the wayward assassins from the night before. Using 11’s skills they isolated the signal from the captured Hand vox and using the ships aspux they managed to map the lower end of the station.

By sending 11’s servos skull to investigate and scout they managed to get a few on a small group of Necro tribesmen with the same vox. At the same time Stubbs tried to get some information from the crew of the Grace of Sopha, only getting their ridicule instead.

Deciding to go investigate the group lead down a small group of guardsmen to “talk” with the tribes mean. The insuring fire fight left, two Necro-tribesmen dead, five captured and Mr. stubbs with a face full of buckshot.

Once safely back on the ship, Lilith and Buzz interrogated one of the tribesmen, learning that A rogue trader Named ward, captain of the Raider “Chains of Dusk” and known slaver paid for a few hits, to “thin out the herd”. The group then turned the Necro ganager into an informant giving him a few days to a few weeks to find out as much as he could or they would be paying him another visit, with a few dozen more heavily armed Guardsmen.

The session ended with the necro tribesmen leaving to find out all he could.


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