Lure of the Expanse

The Ledger

Session 5 Plotting and Pranking

The later half of day two started off with a call from Admistruim master Gorn Rogger over the damage to the Docking arm. He was only claimed after an arrangement to pay a fine of a staging sum. Not an Hour later did armed and void suited arms men attack the ship in hopes of heavily damaging the craft only to be fought of by heroic efforts of the crew. This left with with dozens of captured boarders and once more a very angry Admistruim master Gorn Rogger. He demanded the ship leave port at once but 11 manged to talk him down to simply repairing the small damage the dock took. They also plan to turn over the captured boarders to be serfs for the Admistruim.

That taken care of Buzz,Lilith and 11 go off to meet Gerritt, but leave a heavily self medicated Stubbs to his own devices. So while they meet and tried to arrange the death of ward, stubbs slummed in the lowerest scum bars acquiring lackys, drunken lackies at that. As Gerrit, no to happy to be meeting with an ork hammered out a deal to help pay for the Black brotherhoods hit on ward, Stubb’s wig wearing lackies crashed the Hall. As that turned into a brawl with buzz and 11 joining in the fray Lilith kept working on Gerrit,

In the end an agreement was meet in that 11 would help the Black brotherhood take out ward while at the same time Yorke forces most likely lead by Buzz or Lilith with 200 arm men from gerrit would try and over take the Chains of dusk. The Agreement would leave Gerrit owning all non slave cargo, his pick of the crew of the chains of dusk and a “Favor” at a later date in exchange the Yorke dynasty would take ownership of the Chains of Dusk, any slaves and all remaining crew.

With everything set for the marrow the trio fell into one last of a drunken Void masters pranks was was followed though several level by a off key and drunk bagpipe band, that only fled at threats of bloodshed and the fact Buzz was a real ork. The group was meet at the dock by a very drunk voidmaster and his new lackies Marty, Q, Jon, Jacob, and stevens, who mostly fled at the sight of Buzz and 11. Stubbs goal of hitting on Lilith fell though when she went to her suite leaving him to brood and sober up as the third day fast approached.



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