Lure of the Expanse

The Ledger

Session briefing.

Session three:
As Maximilian enjoyed his time with his nimble and eager to please Mutant slave girl, Buzz,11,Stubbes and Lilith took it upon themselves to track down the wayward assassins from the night before. Using 11’s skills they isolated the signal from the captured Hand vox and using the ships aspux they managed to map the lower end of the station.

By sending 11’s servos skull to investigate and scout they managed to get a few on a small group of Necro tribesmen with the same vox. At the same time Stubbs tried to get some information from the crew of the Grace of Sopha, only getting their ridicule instead.

Deciding to go investigate the group lead down a small group of guardsmen to “talk” with the tribes mean. The insuring fire fight left, two Necro-tribesmen dead, five captured and Mr. stubbs with a face full of buckshot.

Once safely back on the ship, Lilith and Buzz interrogated one of the tribesmen, learning that A rogue trader Named ward, captain of the Raider “Chains of Dusk” and known slaver paid for a few hits, to “thin out the herd”. The group then turned the Necro ganager into an informant giving him a few days to a few weeks to find out as much as he could or they would be paying him another visit, with a few dozen more heavily armed Guardsmen.

The session ended with the necro tribesmen leaving to find out all he could.



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