Lilith Bloodhawk

Power armor wearing girly, girl.


Name: Lilith Bloodhawk

Age: Unknown Gender: Female

Height: 5’9" Weight: 115 lbs.

Affiliation: Crimson Blood Hawks

Complexion: Porcelain Eyes: Dark Blue

Notable Markings: Very Child like in Appearance

Overall: Fragile, childish appearance.

Short form bio: Being born on a station out in the void, Lilith was around few people in her early life. When she was very young a group of slavers had showed up, looking for a place to hide out for the Adeptus Arbites to pass by. Lilith had snuck onto the ship to look around it, and possibly find stuff to keep for the station. She was, however, captured by the group and taken from her home. She was later freed by a group of pirates, whom she swore loyalty to. They trained her to make her stronger, and in the end made her a strong soldier. Over an unknown amount of years she quickly climbed the ranks, and had easily become a higher rank in the group. Lilith had heard of a Rogue Trader which was in need of body guards, and she was all for it; exploring outside the Imperium’s Borders, the possibility of new technology, better gear, and the treasures that would exist out there. Mostly she wanted the challenge of the possible hostile creatures, to test her endurance. So she took a leave of absence and went on her way to join the Rogue Trader.

Lilith Bloodhawk

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