Known NPC's

Rogue Traders

  • Krawkin Ward: Rogue trader, Lord of the " Chains of Dusk" a Hazeroth class privateer | Allegiance: Hostial
  • Abel Gerrit is a scion and Agent of the Arcadius dynasty. Current Lord Captain of the Havoc class Raider “Maximum’s Gambit” He is known to be an Honorable sort and have a fondness for dueling. | Allegiance: Unknown
  • Lady Sun lee: Mistress of the Ma’ko Dynasty she is the Lord captain of the “NihonTu” A dauntless Light cruiser of vast age known the have Archotech weapons. She is known as a hard bargainer and as someone who keeps her word. She is also known to travel with three other raiders as an escort.| Allegiance: Unknown
  • Hadarak Fel: A veteran of the expanse Fel is known to be rather foppish and known to like a good party. He is also known to be underhanded, shred and fast to make the most profit. While its not a forgone conclusion he would double cross someone, he is always looking out for himself and what can make him the most profit. He is Lord Captain of the Firestorm class Frigate “The Fel Hand” | Allegiance: Unknown


  • Attar Soloket: Footfall locale, seerer possibly a astropath. | Allegiance: Unknown
  • Calcus Calinnicus: Current master of the Black brotherhood, a gang of Murders, leg breakers and mercs who will work for anyone with the Thrones to pay them. | Allegiance: Under the Dynasties employment

Known NPC's

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